Will my personal injury claim go to court?

Most cases are resolved without any litigation. Usually, an agreement will be sought and negotiations will take place. Only if the insurance company does not offer a fair amount to settle the lawsuit will litigation be brought. A personal injury claim can be resolved through settlement or trial.

Going to a personal injury trial is like playing with a wild card in the deck because the level of uncertainty is high. In any case, however, your odds of obtaining generous compensation are better if you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Stracci Law Group, headquartered in Crown Point, Indiana, handles personal injury claims of all types. Personal injury lawsuits are often the last resort in the claims process.

Plaintiffs always have the option of filing a lawsuit against another driver for a car accident or against a property owner for a slip and fall, but most prefer to settle their case outside of court. Most people only go to court when they have to, for example, for a criminal trial, divorce, or custody dispute. That same fact can apply to personal injury trials. Plaintiffs are often nervous about having to speak in front of a judge, worried about making a mistake.

The best answer is that the odds are much more likely that your case will culminate in a settlement. In fact, less than 5 percent of personal injury cases go to trial. And more than 95 percent of cases are resolved before trial. Whether or not your case goes to trial or is resolved before court proceedings begin depends largely on the details of your case.

The vast majority of cases, up to 95 percent in some companies, do not go to trial. Most personal injury lawsuits are resolved during one of the pre-trial phases. Going to trial is unpredictable, and your personal injury lawyer must firmly believe that your case will win before proceeding. Your case is likely to go to trial if you and your lawyer believe that the insurance company is not offering you a proper settlement.

While most personal injury lawsuits are resolved out of court, there are some cases where a personal injury lawsuit can end up going to court. Sometimes, even an experienced personal injury lawyer cannot predict the insurance company's unwillingness to reach a settlement agreement and the corresponding willingness to go to court. The vast majority of insurance companies prefer to resolve personal injury claims out of court when they can and with good reason. When deciding to accept a settlement offer or go to trial, you and your personal injury lawyer need to examine many factors.

In fact, the United States government estimates that the percentage of personal injury cases that go to trial is about 3%. Your medical bills can be critically important as you move forward with your personal injury claim. When it comes to personal injury cases, if there are insurance companies involved, a settlement is almost always safe. With the right personal injury lawyer on your team, you can usually get a lot more money for your accident and injuries.

In most cases, the parties involved in the lawsuit reach a pre-trial verdict, either through negotiation before the lawsuit reaches court or in mediation with an experienced Orlando judge, retired judge, or personal injury lawyer. If you have been injured in an accident, whether your personal injury case goes to trial depends largely on the details of your case. If you've suffered an injury in Northwest Florida, you need an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer on your side. As such, personal injury trials will involve both parties presenting and cross-examining evidence in the case, including witness statements, expert testimony, photos of the accident, and surveillance footage.


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